We provide a hassle-free way to reach your prospective consumers by utilizing our experience to increase your standing in your communities.

To achieve desired objectives (sales generation, customer retention, proper documentation, etc.), we carefully plan and manage projects, continuously provide needed training for up-to-date information, and properly supervise execution of individual tasks at hand. We deliver outstanding services, far beyond expectations, easing the pain of grappling with business challenges. Upon approval of the agreement and the basic orientation by the business owners/operators, we design customized programs, utilizing a S.M.A.R.T. system to achieve your objectives. Management By Objectives (MBO) methodology dictates an ongoing evaluation of the previous tasks and their results along with continuous examination of our activities. Timely decisions allow us to detect and avoid unfortunate shortcomings, or the paralysis of analysis.

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The success or failure of any business depends on the people who carry on that business day to day. Their decisions make differences from the very front line all the way to the top managers, business owner(s) and CEO. No matter how well-designed the business structure is, or how unique and innovative the idea, the enforcement and execution of any plan determines the success or failure of the original idea.

The execution of any project should be performed by people who know what they are doing, people who are trained for specific functions and duties, engaged in an on-going process of gaining knowledge, people who have common sense, initiative and an innovative thinking pattern. Being able to come up with new ideas and having problem solving skills should not be limited to the lower rank front runners and executive bodies, but should also include supervisors, support staff, managers, and even the CEO’s and owners of businesses.

High-ranking staff in any business should understand the difference between leadership and ownership, and have to be trained to realize when and how to draw the line between the two. On the part of owners and CEO’s, misidentifying issues that affect them and lacking knowledge of practical solutions causes the loss of talented people, productivity and market share. On top of the income loss this adds to the pool of trained individuals available to the competition, further strengthening the competition and complicating the process of turning the business around.

Training individuals with supreme thinking patterns and abilities to be decision makers is not an inexpensive process, neither is it easy for companies to get out of their routine and add a consulting department. Certainly, it is not feasible for small to medium size businesses to carry this kind of department throughout the full year.

The logical solution for companies would be to hire a consultant and/or a trainer only when they need someone to assess their needs and identify business issues. This great need in the business community urged me to study and search for proper techniques and extensive understanding of business. Over the last couple of decades I have involved myself in a variety of environments ranging from a corner store to big corporations to evaluate the common nature of people who run their businesses and to find out what really makes or breaks a business. After all, every adventure starts with a dream, but only a few make it big. I utilize this experience in preparing and presenting consulting and training programs.

Studying many aspects of marketing of a number of products and services, has enabled me to create a system to evaluate, identify and create practical solutions for any organization, small to large, local to international. Rather than focusing on the system, I pay attention to the specific companies, and their issues. After analyzing need-assessments, I customize a practical method to determine the content, method and duration of the needed process.

Although my experience determines the method of consulting, the contents are a mix, integrating other methods and styles. As a matter of fact, by studying different schools of thought and reviewing well-known knowledge in business, I was able to accumulate and select a specific criterion that matches the reality of businesses in the market today.

Facts and figures are the key words in approaching practical ways of marketing a product or service and running a business as smoothly as possible. Meeting objectives of a company is not possible unless the staff of the business, from the bottom to the top, deliver what they are supposed to and play their roles efficiently. Usually people are reluctant to get out of their status quo and comfort zone; hence, this proposed medium usually requires small adjustments from each participant and very seldom would a major change be required. My consultation and/or training is not necessarily delivered in an orthodox way; I evaluate personalities and the behaviors of people who run the company to find common ground for them to work together more productively.

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